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We exist to build a bright future for brands.

We create pioneering products and brand experiences that blur the line between the physical & digital, and invent fresh takes on conventional forms.

Our technical capabilities lie in virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, postproduction, 3D & digital production.

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Rebel & Glory

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We help companies identify opportunities beyond their core business, then build the products, services and ecosystems that create new revenue streams in the emerging sharing economy. We in-source the entire development process to guarantee control, speed & security.

Discover new revenue streams.
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Rebel & Glory

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We move brands into the future through powerful immersive experiences. We super-boost the people-brand connection through new storytelling technologies like VR, AR, 360 & new digital formats. Plus all the basics: brand identity, web design, social strategy, localization, and an A-Z marketing plan.

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We nurture the best and brightest creative, strategic & technical talent. Then we pair our talent with companies. Our people can come to you, work on site and throw themselves into your business. For as long or as little as you need them. For ultimate flexibility, transparency & tracking.

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Get to know our band of rebels

Gabriela Teissing
Gabriela Teissing
Gabriela Teissing
Gabriela Teissing
Gabriela Teissing
Gabriela Teissing Director of Disruption


Gabi is a bold and experienced leader of projects, companies and people. With over 15 years in the advertising business, she has taken what she learned and built her own Creation Group. She spent the last several years developing new products in the field of communications, including building and managing a creative localisation group for Havas Worldwide that quickly grew into a worldwide network and a multicultural team of 100+. Gabi has a knack for launching new ideas, creating revenue streams and bringing people together.

Why I’m a Rebel
“I push back on what doesn’t work. It doesn‘t always make me popular. But it leads me to strong ideas, and that’s glorious.”
Petr Vinklář
Petr Vinklář
Petr Vinklář
Petr Vinklář Finance Enforcer


Petr is a financial expert with more than 10 years of experience in the international corporate world. He specializes in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of investment funds. He’s also a customer program builder. Most recently, he built innovative loyalty programs for Hill’s Pet Nutrition. While at Hill’s, Petr led projects in customer relationship development and company-to-customer communication channels where his innovative thinking led to a significant strengthening of the brand’s image.

Why I’m a Rebel
“Because when I hear something can’t be done, it makes me want to do it even more.”
Jill Colley
Jill Colley
Jill Colley
Jill Colley
Jill Colley Strategic Rabble-Rouser


Jill is a Madison Avenue expat with 15+ years in advertising, brand strategy and insights. As Chief Strategy Officer for UPROAR-DDB New York, she steered creative strategy for well-known kid and family brands. A researcher, ethnographer, and storyteller, Jill has developed communication and conducted global research for 50+ iconic brands, including Transformers, My Little Pony, and LEGO. While at Draftfcb London, she directed a global trend-tracking network. She’s also a recovering academic, with a PhD in Cultural Studies.

Why I’m a Rebel
“I believe in reinvention, wanderlust and make-believe.”
Ollie West
Ollie West
Ollie West
Ollie West
Ollie West UK Business Lead


Ollie is a giant in marketing. That is, he’s over 2m or 6’7” tall, so he’s technically a giant. He also works in marketing. He’s built big brands and managed change for world class brand owners for more than 20 years, including Anheuser-Busch, Birdseye/Iglo, Mars, Cadbury, McVities, Cereal Partners and the BBC. He’s strategized with the best, led game-changing integrated communications in all channels, and is a tiny bit obsessed with results. He has a passion for ideas that connect, and hates guff.

Why I’m a Rebel
“I say out with the Charlatans, nay-sayers & time-wasters. There’s a world of opportunity out there. Charge!”
Edita Stogel
Edita Stogel
Edita Stogel
Edita Stogel
Edita Stogel Dazzling Post Production Lead


Edita runs our postproduction unit with a big heart and a rebellious streak. She got her start at TV NOVA, the first private TV station in the Czech Republic, where she eventually led office operations. Definitely the ‘take-charge’ type, Edita has worked for agencies in both London and Prague, and has broad experience working with the best in TV, radio and advertising. Everyone likes Edita.

Why I’m a Rebel
“I can’t help it – I was born that way.”
Volker Woerz
Volker Woerz
Volker Woerz
Volker Woerz
Volker Woerz Localisation Lead


Volker is a globetrotter who’s lived and worked in Australia, Dubai, Germany, the US and now the Czech Republic. He has 15 years of communication and marketing experience in both global advertising agencies and industry side. He’s helped bring glory to some of the world’s most prestigious brands in the automotive, FMCG, travel, lifestyle, and pharmaceutical sectors. Volker is passionate about people and pushing boundaries.

“The last ones get bitten by the dogs. Do everything to stay ahead of the game.”
Lenka Havlíková
Lenka Havlíková
Lenka Havlíková
Lenka Havlíková
Lenka Havlíková HR Innovator


Lenka is an experienced HR and career consulting specialist with over 15 years on the job. Her motto: “A CHILD WOULD ONLY CONSIDER FAILING AT SOMETHING AFTER HEARING IT FROM ADULTS.” has earned Lenka a reputation as a forward thinking influencer in her field. Lenka is a results oriented professional with a proven ability to understand client needs. As a Career Coach and Consultant with a specialisation in sales & marketing, finance, logistics, HR and IT, Lenka has been advising companies on best employee, HR and recruitment practices with great success over the last several years.

Why I’m a Rebel
Tereza Talichová
Tereza Talichová
Tereza Talichová Creative Conceptionist


Tereza is a rare combination of gifted artist + deep thinker + genuine person. She has a Cannes Lion and a long list of prestigious clients to her name. She believes advertising is an art, and that effective art evokes feeling and action. Tereza studied conceptual and intermedia art with Jiří David UMPRUM. Her dream is a solo voyage around the world by sailboat. Her hero? Bobby Fischer.

Why I’m a Rebel
People don’t think of rebels as hard workers. It takes work to make your dreams come true. Rebels work!
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Martin Malata Financial Segment Lead
Jiří Šindelář VFX Supervisor
Zbyněk Bajer Technology Lead
Petr Mentberger VFX Producer
Michaela Broster Project Management
Matěj Heller Finance Assistant
Tomáš Čermák Finance Assistant
Filip Ondra Insurance Specialist
Jirka Počta IT Specialist
Ondřej Vácha Digital Communication
Rudolf Sura Finance Analyst
Lucie Stříbrská Social Media Ninja
Iva Fišerová Market Screening
Michal Kolář PPC Professional
Victor Tretyakov VFX Artist
Rita Zimmerman VFX Artist
Miriam Paneth Project Management
Sandra Davidová Talent Hauzz Project Lead
Kamila Ostrá New Business
Petr Tylk VR Lead
Andrej Gémeš VFX Artist
Bohuslav Hirsch VFX Artist
Denis Kosař VFX Artist
Edicson Nieto VFX Artist
Jakub Lukáš IT Specialist
Michaela Rolinkova VFX Artist
Samuel Childs Project Management

are you a rebel?

Current job openings
Rebel & Glory


Rebel & Glory, a product development and brand building group located in Prague is looking for a Project Manager with a rebellious streak. You’re a born doer, multi-tasker, well organized and a people person. You are an experienced project manager with silver-tongued English and at least 3 years experience.

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Rebel & Glory

Project Manager

Rebel & Glory, a product development and brand building group located in Prague is looking for a Senior Digital Project Manager with a rebellious streak. You are a digital natural with experience in digital project management and a deep understanding of technology and what makes programmers tick. Smooth talking English is a must. At least 5 years experience mandatory.

If this is you send your CV to

Rebel & Glory

Media Planner and

Rebel & Glory, a product development and brand building group located in Prague is looking for a Digital Media Planner and Buyer with a rebellious streak. You are a digital natural with experience in media planning, approving and negotiating. Extroverted, detail-oriented, data geek who is always learning and is excited about technology. On top of that well-spoken English and at least 5 years experience.

If you long to become a part of the rebel band
send your CV to

Rebel & Glory


Rebel & Glory, a product development and brand building group located in Prague is looking for a Czech Copywriter with a rebellious streak. You are creative, people-oriented and analytical at the same time, who can make magic and create mystery with words. A jack-of-all-trades, writing, tweaking, researching, editing, proofreading, tracking and reporting data. Briliant English and at least 3 years of experience is a must.

If this is your case send a CV to

Rebel & Glory


Rebel & Glory, a product development and brand building group located in Prague is looking for a Designer with a rebellious streak. You love colours, shapes, tones, curves and fonts more than is natural, you basically live and breath design. You are a visual-thinking problem solver and visual communicator who has fun using literally any medium to communicate your messages (i.e. print design, websites and social media…).

You have a sound and sexy portfolio to show?
Send it to

Rebel & Glory


Dazzle Pictures, a VFX post production studio, part of Rebel and Glory, located in Prague is looking for a Python programmer with a rebellious streak. You have sound knowledge of Python and experience with PyQt and PySide as a bonus. You are Prague based or a digital nomad with the intention to make a new move and an interest in a fast growing advertising and film environment. Interested in learning new technologies and building communication bridges between Nuke, Deadline and Ftrack

If so send a CV to

Rebel & Glory


We love rebels of all shapes and sizes. Are you an artist, technologist, marketer, innovator? Are you the type that's always looking ahead? We love forward-thinkers who know how to make things happen. We thrive on curiosity and innovation. We offer flexibility & growth.

If this sounds like you, send your CV to

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